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The Glass Blog

Join Glass In The Afternoon every weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm, on WGCL. Join Mike Glasscott for Bloomington’s local afternoon show, with news updates, weather, community guests (like Keith Klein, Jim Inman,Terry Stultz, David Novak and more) and issues, plusJoe Smith Reports. If you want to get in touch with Glass, send him an email.

COB Volunteer Network Director Lucy Schaich fills us in on virtual and real opportunities to get involved.

Zach Osterman from the Indianapolis Star makes his usual Thursday visit.

Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen and Stonebelt CEO Leslie Green.

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan and Indiana University Director of Media Relations Chuck Carney.

Terry joins Glass to distract everyone from real life for an hour.

Mayor John Hamilton makes his weekly Tuesday visit just after 4 pm.

Dr. Andrea Mobley, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources MCCSC and Dr. Jerry Sanders, Superintendent RBB.

Dave and Glass dig into the Colts draft from the weekend.

Lucy Schaich checks in the from the City of Bloomington’s Volunteer Network.

Zach Osterman from the Indianapolis Star talks Hoosier hoops, finances and football.

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan and Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen.

Zach Osterman joins Glass to figure it all out.

Chuck Carney checks in with Three Big Things (about one BIG thing) at Indiana University and Marty Hawk updates us on County Council business.

Indiana’s 9th District Congressional representative Trey Hollingsworth.

MCCSC Superintendent Dr. Judy DeMuth and Mayor John Hamilton.

Zach Osterman from the Indianapolis Star covers the bases with Glass.

Terry and Glass talking hoops, new school and old school.

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