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Glass in the Morning — 05.13.19

Bill Kingery, Executive Director of Miracle Ride, gives us the details for the 26th edition happening the first weekend in June.


2 Responses to “Glass in the Morning — 05.13.19”
  1. Bill Kingery says:

    Dear Everyone,
    Hello. I want to give everyone a “heads-up.” After listening to my interview, I was shocked at myself for accidentally stating that “The family from Southside Harley-Davidson purchased Harley-Davidson of Bloomingon. This is totally incorrect! It is the family that owns Indy West Harley-Davidson that purchased Harley-Davidson of Bloomington. I knew this when I was being interviewed and why I made this stupid error is beyond me! Well, I just turned 65 years old so, maybe, I can blame it on my age! Regardless, I am sorry for my mistake.
    Bill Kingery
    Executive Director
    The Miracle Ride Foundation

  2. Glass says:

    Raising over 6 million dollars for charity > one error.
    Keep up the great work!

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