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Your Money

Every Thursday evening and Saturday morning, tune in for helpful financial and investment advice on Your Money with David Hays. From Comprehensive Financial Consultants of Bloomington, David provides useful financial information.

Hear Your Money with David Hays live Thursdays from 6-7 p.m. and a rebroadcast of the show every Saturday from 9-10 a.m.

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About David:

David Hays is the founder, president and senior consultant of Comprehensive Financial Consultants, Inc. (CFC) in Bloomington. His firm was chartered to deliver financial planning and investment advice to individuals, businesses, retirement plans and not-for-profit organizations.

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This week David discusses Social Security Tax, among other topics.

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This week David is joined by Josh Norris to go through “Medicare 101”

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This week David is joined by Charles Sizemore, Chief Investment Officer at Sizemore Capital Management.

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This week David is joined by Wayne Thacker to discuss the 6 What Ifs of Retirement Planning.

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This week David is joined by Eric Giesler and discusses retirement income options.

David is joined by Doug Hughes to answer mailbag questions and understanding long term health costs. Read more

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – Tom Bunger, local Estate Planning Attorney will be on the show with David. What are the important documents you need and what are the mistakes you might make? Don’t disinherit your grandchildren without even knowing it! Hear what you need to know on Wills, Trust, Power of Attorneys and more!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” -Doug Hughes fills in for David Hays and discusses the JP Morgan 2017 Guide To Retirement. Also Rod Holloway joins the program to talk about the markets.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – We will discuss leaving an inheritance of income and memories.  How do Baby Boomers think about inheritances, versus their Parents?  Learn how you can leave an inheritance that continues to make a difference over multiple  generations!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – Why with returns in the markets historically good, the average investor hasn’t even earned 3%? The answer… Investor Behavior! Listen in as David and Doug Hughes help you avoid making the mistakes of so many others when it comes to investing. Also, we discuss Annuities – why some hate them, why some love them – listen in to hear what they are and how they work, then decide.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – Jeff Levine, with Ed Slott and Company, will be on with David to explain, “What is a Fiduciary”? You will learn what questions should you ask your financial advisor before engaging them. Also, things you can do now to help your taxes this year!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – We will discuss understanding the Money Cycle – most people go directly from the accumulation phase, directly to the distribution phase (retirement) – but they skip a very important step, the “preservation stage”! How do you get ready to get ready when it comes to the Money Cycle? Tune in to find out!

This Week on Your Money with David Hays -Wayne Thacker and Ryan Belcher fill in for David, who is in Cleveland on assignment. Wayne and Ryan talk about stepping stones to a successful retirement including the importance saving early, paying yourself first and give you some ideas for side hustle.

This Week on Your Money with David Hays – If you pay taxes, learn what your share would be to pay off our National Debt – it will Shock you!  Also, learn more about the tax favored opportunities in the market and why some continue to be down on things they simply aren’t up on.  Doug Hughes will join David on this week’s program!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – author David McKnight of the Power of Zero is David’s guest.  Listen to David McKnight talk about the gathering storm that he says will cause taxes to more than double!!  Learn how you need to work towards avoiding this by getting into the zero % tax brackets during retirement! Hear about the history; learn the Techniques, Systems and Tools to avoid the largest expense in retirement – TAXES!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – it’s the Investment Show, with Eric Giesler and Rod Holloway of CFCI. What are economists saying about 2017, but more importantly, what are interest rates telling us about the direction of the economy? Also, we will review Bonds 101 and get back to the basics! 401K’s they’ve been around for 30+ years, are they doing for Americans what they were designed to do? Hear what the 401K pioneers have to say about it.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – outlooks for 2017 from major strategists, what they say and what weight, if any, you should put into it. Also, the Social Security Administration announces the trust fund will be exhausted by 2029, what does this mean for you and the future of benefits? This is the final show of 2016; January begins his 15th year doing radio – David is excited to bring it once again!

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