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Your Money

Every Thursday evening and Saturday morning, tune in for helpful financial and investment advice on Your Money with David Hays. From Comprehensive Financial Consultants of Bloomington, David provides useful financial information.

Hear Your Money with David Hays live Thursdays from 6-7 p.m. and a rebroadcast of the show every Saturday from 9-10 a.m.

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About David:

David Hays is the founder, president and senior consultant of Comprehensive Financial Consultants, Inc. (CFC) in Bloomington. His firm was chartered to deliver financial planning and investment advice to individuals, businesses, retirement plans and not-for-profit organizations.

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This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – a local employer is offering retirement packages/buyouts. We will discuss what to consider before you say yes! Also, how do Millennials look at money? What you hear might help you communicate better with your children or grandchildren; when it comes to money and finances. Lastly, David will do a segment on Retirement Planning for Singles.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – the Fed met with week, what did they do, but most importantly what did they say? Also, Medicare Basics and the rules on claiming Social Security; learn what you need to know about the different parts of both of these important programs. Lastly, legacy planning – have you ever considered leaving an inheritance of income stream, instead of cash? Learn how and why it’s catching on with the baby boomer generation!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – a lot of euphoria in the markets, how to avoid getting your emotions caught up into investing. Also, moving on with confidence, many feel anxious about new highs, how to stay focused. From Ed Slott: “Why you should do these 5 things before year end” – you won’t want to miss it!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – it’s all about the Ladies! Women many times are left out of the conversation about investing and finances. They are ignored by financial advisors and sometimes feel their opinion or feelings don’t matter. This Show is all about you! In the end Women outlive Men on an average of 5 years and with 50% of marriages ending in divorce (many after 25+ years), it’s just a matter of time before it’s in the laps of the Women to make decisions and choices.

David will talk about the challenges Woman face and how to begin getting involved and take charge. Here real stories from Women who have been pushed to the front-lines and what advice they would give to their younger selves if they could.

This week on Your Money with David Hays – It’s the Gift Giving show! David and Doug Hughes discuss gift ideas for the holidays.

This week on Your Money with David Hays – David talks about the how the presidency will affect the markets.

This week on Your Money with David Hays – Dave talks about the National debt, where tax rates would have to go to pay for it all and how you can lower your tax bracket into your retirement years.

Wayne Thacker and Doug Hughes host the show while David is out of town and ask the question how do you retire with ease? The two will discuss some strategies including adding stepping stones and automating the process, punching debt in the face, one little jab at a time and strategies for spending less.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – Get the market and economic update from our own Rod Holloway. Plus understanding your retirement plan at work and getting the most out of it! All of this along with lessons from the book series from David Bach – Smart Couples Finish Rich and Start Late Finish Rich.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – The Six Secrets of the Rich…as described in the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  How you can apply these lessons to your own life!

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – David talks with Amy from the Attorney General Office and Rod Hollow. All of this and “Questions of the Week.”

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – We will discuss the uses of a reverse mortgage. What are they? How do they work and what are the myths and the truths surrounding them? David’s Dad, long time banker, Jerry Hays, will be his guest to explain it all! Also, why aren’t the Presidential Candidates explaining how our economy works and how it relates to people and spending? All of this and “Questions of the Week”.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – David talks with Andy from Class 101 and Wayne Thacker.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – long time contributor to the show, Attorney Tom Bunger will be David’s guest! Read more

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – it’s the Investment Show! Rod Holloway will join David to talk about US Markets, Expectations Going Forward and where there may be opportunities. Read more

A history lesson on how the election results during a Presidential year have affected the markets going forward. Also, Social Security Claiming Strategies – the old rules and the new rules, who can still use the old rules and who can’t; to possibly get more out of Social Security? All of this along with “questions of the week”.

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” – how to manage your debt as you approach retirement to have financial freedom? Also, how do you create an Exit Strategy when it comes to your retirement accounts? Begin with the end in mind, because it’s not the score at Half Time (retirement) that matters, it’s the score at the end of the game that matters!

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