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In The Zone

Dave and Terry discuss Indiana’s recent loss at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and what it means going forward. Read more

Joe takes a look back at last night’s IU game at Duke and what went wrong. Read more

Archie Miller previews the Duke trip (Tuesday, 9:30) and Todd Yeagley’s gang is just one win (Friday, 7 pm HOME v. Notre Dame) from the College Cup in Santa Barbara.  Read more

Dave and Glass wrap up football, look ahead to basketball and assess the red-hot Colts. Read more

Joe joins Glass LIVE every Monday to recap a busy weekend for the high schools and the Hoosiers. Read more

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” David takes a look at where the market stands, goes through some headlines and talks about how much you need to save for retirement.

Joe is LIVE with Glass mornings after IU Basketball for a full recap plus all of the other local sports stories making headlines. Read more

Checking in with South and Edgewood hoops before our season-opening broadcast tonight and Tom Allen knows it’s all on the line Saturday as the Hoosiers host Purdue. Read more

Plenty to get to on a Monday with basketball and football season intersecting! Dave and Glass are LIVE Monday and Wednesday from 6 pm. Read more

Joe is LIVE every Monday morning with Glass to recap a busy weekend of prep and Hoosier action. Catch his full report below! Read more

It’s Thanksgiving time… and that means the Butterball Turkey experts are on the show!  Join Inman as he chats with Phyllis Kramer about cooking the perfect turkey, hosting like a boss and making sure your mother-in-law is happy with your holiday hosting!  Remember you can call 1-800-BUTTERBALL, text 844-877-3456, email through their website… and now use your Alexa device to get turkey tips!

Plus Inman has your news, sports and weather for the weekend!

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Joe is LIVE with Glass in the Morning every Friday and Monday at 7: 45 and 8:45. Read more

This week on “Your Money with David Hays” David discusses what to expect on Wall Street the remainder of the year, how to avoid higher taxes down the road, and more.

Mary Catherine Carmichael checks in from City Hall to update last night’s City Council meeting that ended just before 2 am. Read more

Hoosiers welcomed No. 24 Marquette to town for the Gavitt Games and promptly blew them out 96-73. Read more

Dave and Glass check in on Hoosier Hoops and Football plus the suddenly temperate Colts. Read more

Archie Miller is ready for his team to be tested tonight at home against Marquette. Andrew Gutman and Indiana Soccer have two of their first three goals accomplished. One more to go! Read more

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