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In The Zone

Mike Glasscott (left), Dave Novak (middle), and co-host Terry Stultz (right) host Bloomington’s local sports call-in show. Interviews, discussion, and your calls every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM! If you want to have your say online, send Glass an email.

Indianapolis is awarded another Final Four, the Colts have more pressing questions than who will be the starting QB and France are more than worthy World Champions. Read more

Dave and Glass and their thoughts on the World Cup knockout phase and Pacers building blocks. Read more

Terry and Glass updating the Pacers rejuvenated roster and talk some baseball on a Monday night in summertime. Read more

With the holiday on Wednesday we spoke about Holiday on Monday as the Pacers are putting their pieces together.

Terry and Glass are live TONIGHT (July 9) at 6 pm and will talk about the newest Pacer pieces plus all news and notes on the Hoosiers.

Read more

Dave and Glass talk Hoosier Football, Pacers impending free agency and Copa Mundial 2018. Read more

Dave and Glass wrapped up the Chris Lemonis era with Indiana Baseball and the recapped the Pacers draft. Read more

Pacers are on the clock with pick No. 23 and No. 50 in the NBA draft tomorrow night and the World Cup is entering round two of the group phase. Read more

Brooks Koepka defended his U.S. Open title and that should be story, not the mismanagement of the venue. The World Cup is off to a flier and some of the heavy favorites have sputtered to start. Dave and Glass are LIVE every Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm. Read more

Dave and Glass talk Andrew Luck, Shinnecock and the World Cup. Read more

Dave and Glass wrap up the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star games and the NBA Finals. Read more

Terry and Glass on the IU Baseball draftees, Hoops and Basketball. Read more

Terry and Glass on the Hoosier Baseball and the Celebration of Life of Coach Bill Mallory. Read more

Dave and Glass preview IU Baseball’s chances in the B1G tournament and talk hoops. Read more

Dave and Glass discuss Hoosier Baseball, Hoops and the NBA Playoffs.  Read more

Romeo Langford is making news for the wrong reasons but is it a big deal?  Read more

Pacers, NBA Playoffs and THE PLAYERS are featured.

Read more

Dave and Glass on new additions for Indiana Basketball and Football, Colts and THE PLAYERS. Read more

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