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The Glass Blog

Mike Glasscott (left), Dave Novak (middle), and co-host Terry Stultz (right) host Bloomington’s local sports call-in show. Interviews, discussion, and your calls every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM! If you want to have your say online, send Glass an email.

Terry Stultz joins Glass to talk some hoops and take a look at the “best 10” to suit up for Bloomington South over the years.

Dave and Glass on Monday afternoon.

Extended version Friday with Jeremy Gray from Indiana University batting lead-off followed by Terry Stultz in his normal spot in the lineup.

Zach Osterman talks Hoosier hoops and tries connect the dots on when things will get moving forward on campus.

Terry and Glass weave through the sports world on a Tuesday afternoon.

Checking in with @ZachOsterman on the landscape of college athletics moving forward and a new addition for #IUFB.

Dave and Glass on a Wednesday afternoon. Happy Birthday, Dave!

Dave and Glass talking Hoosiers and B1G hoops.

Zach Osterman on the Hoosiers and NCAA tournament thoughts.

Brandon Schaff and Terry Stultz kept Glass company Tuesday.

Dave and Glass talk Hoosier hoops and IUFB attrition.

Brandon Schaff joins Glass to wrap up the week.

Zach Osterman wrapped up Indiana’s trip to Mackey on Big Show Friday.

Dave and Glass talk Hoosier hoops before a two-game road trip this weekend.

Terry Stultz joins Glass for a HSBB recap/preview and Hoosier talk.

Busy news day and a big week for Hoosier hoops. Dave and Glass are on it.

Zach Osterman talking Hoosier hoops.

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