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In The Zone

Mike Glasscott (left), Dave Novak (middle), and co-host Terry Stultz (right) host Bloomington’s local sports call-in show. Interviews, discussion, and your calls every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM! If you want to have your say online, send Glass an email.

Dave Novak joins Glass for a Colts-Hoosiers-High School Monday afternoon.

Dave and Glass bid adieu as 17 years of 6 pm to 7 pm on Mondays and Wednesday comes to a close. Dave will join Glass in the final hour of Glass in the Afternoon Mondays and Wednesdays starting next week in a brand-new spot.

Wrapping up the Luck saga and looking ahead to 2019 IUFB as they open the season with Ball State on Saturday.

Busy Monday for Dave and Glass includes IUFB naming their starting QB for 2019 and discussing the shock retirement of Colts QB Andrew Luck.

Hoosiers get started a week from Saturday while the Colts and Bears will scrimmage this weekend. Plus, we’re just hours from Week 1 of the high school football season opener!

Dave and Glass are back as summertime in Bloomington is fading quickly. Time for football on all three levels as opening games are right around the corner.

Terry joins Glass to talk about the newest Hoosier and the drama unfolding at Colts training camp. Again.

Zach Osterman joins Glass to talk Hoosier hoops, football and even some futbol.

Terry and Glass talking Hoosier recruiting news, MLB pennant races, Colts preseason Game 1 and a sprinkling of Pacers activity.

Glass and Zach Osterman go inside IUFB camp as they prepare for the new season with a new OC and new-ish DC.

Terry and Glass talk Hoosier recruiting, MLB trade deadline and ailing Andrew Luck.

After a week’s hiatus, Glass and Zach Osterman catch up on a busy few days for IU Basketball and Football.

Terry joins Glass as they talk baseball, Pacers summer league and the Hoosiers.

Zach Osterman joins Glass to talk B1G Media Days and life on the recruiting trail as the dog days of summer are barking.

Terry Stultz joins Glass to talk Pacers hoops and the 91st City Golf Tournament with Chris Williams.

Zach Osterman and Mike Glasscott wrap up a busy holiday weekend Monday evening.

Terry joins Glass to break down the Pacers rebuilding project and NBA free agency.

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