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The Glass Blog

Join Glass In The Afternoon every weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm, on WGCL. Join Mike Glasscott for Bloomington’s local afternoon show, with news updates, weather, community guests (like Keith Klein, Jim Inman,Terry Stultz, David Novak and more) and issues, plusJoe Smith Reports. If you want to get in touch with Glass, send him an email.

Terry joins Glass to talk local HS hoops, Hoosiers and Pacers.

Jackson Creek Middle School Principal Kristin Poage and host of politically speaking Abdul Hakim-Shabazz joined the program.

First Happy Hour back with Dave and Glass of 2020! Plenty of Gator Bowl recap and a tough couple of results for Hoosier hoops.

Glass is still on vacation. Keith Klein is joined by Trent Seitzinger, President of the Mid State Officials Association and Mary Catherine Carmichael, Director of Public Engagement for the City of Bloomington.

Glass is on vacation. Dave Novak is in for Happy Hour with his father, Joe Novak. The two of them talk up the upcoming IU Bowl game and Joe tells some stories from his time as Bill Mallory’s defensive coordinator.

Glass is on vacation. Keith Klein is filling in and he is joined by Kevin Brinegar, the CEO & President of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Chief Michael Diekhoff of the Bloomington Police Department.

Zach Osterman is live in the studio as a busy week at IU Athletic rolls on.

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan and Director of Public Engagement Mary Catherine Carmichael joined the program.

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk and Seven Oaks Classical School Head Master Dr. Stephen Shipp check in one final time in 2019.

Dr. Judy DeMuth and Dr. Jerry Sanders wrap up 2019 at each of their respective school districts.

Zach Osterman from the Indy Star takes on a deep dive into IUBB after their two game trip away from Simon Skojdt Assembly Hall.

Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen and Dr. Larry Swafford from Ivy Tech.

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk suggests a deal is getting closer between the City and County on the Convention Center project, but there are still some issues to be worked out.

Tim times two! Tim Dowling, Principal at Marlin Elementary plus former City Councilman Tim Mayer joined the program.

Dave Novak joins for Happy Hour for Gator Bowl talk, Coach Moriarity’s retirement and Hoosier hoops.

Happy Hour with Zach Osterman as he breaks down where the Hoosiers are most likely to go bowling plus a look at hoops.

Executive Director of Development for Ivy Tech Susie Graham and Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen.

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