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The Glass Blog

Join Glass In The Afternoon every weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm, on WGCL. Join Mike Glasscott for Bloomington’s local afternoon show, with news updates, weather, community guests (like Keith Klein, Jim Inman,Terry Stultz, David Novak and more) and issues, plusJoe Smith Reports. If you want to get in touch with Glass, send him an email.

The first public announcement of the 10-person class of 2020 and a special 10-person Pioneer class to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hall of Fame.

Chuck Carney checks in with Three Big Things happening at Indiana University and Marty Hawk updates county government.

Mark Conrad, Principal at Rogers Elementary and INDOT director of media information for I69 Natalie Garrett joined the program.

Hoosiers find life on the road and Super Bowl 54 is set for Groundhog’s Day right here on WGCL

Dr. David Pillar sits on the board of directors for the Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame and joins us for a special announcement.

@Jon_Blau from the Herald Times talks Hoosier hoops as the Hoosiers wrap-up their two-game road trip in Lincoln Saturday night.

Zach Osterman talks Hoosier Football and Hoops on a busy Thursday.

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan makes her weekly Thursday visit. The City of Bloomington returns next week.

Dave Novak joins Glass to recap the NCAA title game, NFL Division weekend and preview the Hoosiers journey to Rutgers.

The debut of our new Wednesday feature, Three Big Things at IU with Chuck Carney. He’ll join us at 3:15 every week to keep us on top of everything happening at the Bloomington campus.

Dr. Stephen Shipp, Headmaster from Seven Oaks Classical School and County Councilwoman Marty Hawk joined the program.

Busy day with The Academy principal Jessica Willis and President and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Kevin Brinegar.

Dave Novak joins Glass for #IUFB staff changes and a big week at home for #IUBB.

Zach Osterman (@ZachOsterman) discusses new #IUFB Offensive Coordinator Nick Sheridan and plenty of other pigskin news plus a recap of #IUBB vs. Northwestern.

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan is ready for Welcome Back Week and Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen has a full agenda to cover on City business.

Victor Oladipo is returning and the Hoosiers need to return to the win column at home vs Northwestern.

Catching up with County Councilwoman Marty Hawk for the first time in the new year.

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