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The Glass Blog

Wake up with Glass In The Morning every weekday morning from 7-9 a.m., on WGCL. Join Mike Glasscott for Bloomington’s local morning show, with news updates, weather, community guests (like Keith Klein, Sue Wanzer, Margaret Fette, Chuck Crabb and more) and issues, and Joe Smith Reports. If you want to get in touch with Glass, send him an email.

Margaret Fette, Glass, and Keith Klein

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk has a full plate this Wednesday featuring Cook, City/County finance and the proposed convention center additions. Read more

Chris Finley, Principal at Childs School and Bill Bartley, Race Director for Hoosiers Outrun Cancer, both joined the program this morning. Read more

Captain Steve Kellams checks in from the Bloomington Police Department. Read more

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan makes her weekly Thursday visit to keep us up-to-date on the happenings on campus. Read more

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk has had THREE meetings since we spoke with her last Wednesday. Time to catch up! Read more

Director of Public Works for the City of Bloomington Adam Wason joins the program to answer any and all questions about Sanitation Modernization.  Read more

Kathleen Hugo, Director of Special Education for the MCCSC, gave us an update this morning. Read more

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan and Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen make their weekly visits. Read more

County budget hearings began Tuesday and County Councilwoman Marty Hawk fills us in on the first session. Read more

Tim Pritchett, Director of eLearning Strategies/Technology with MCCSC joins the show. Read more

Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen checks in from City Hall and has an important update on the new City trash/recycling plan going into effect in September.  Read more

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan and MCCSC School Board member Sue Wanzer check in. Read more

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk makes her weekly Wednesday visit and keeps an eye on public tax dollars. Read more

Dr. Mike Wilcox won’t let hip replacement surgery get him down! RBB is rolling to get the new school year started. Read more

Deb Prenkert, Director of Elementary Education for MCCSC is new to the job but not to the Corporation.

John Decker, IU Press, has the Quarry Festival of Books happening Saturday at Dunn Meadow. Read more

Full interview with IU Volleyball Coach Sherry Dunbar-Kruzan from Friday morning. Read more

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jennie Vaughan has had a busy first week of school and MCCSC School Board Members Sue Wanzer and Keith Klein had a very busy board meeting Tuesday night. Read more

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