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The Bloomington Review — 03.30.19

This weekend Inman and Pillar welcome Roderick O’Connor, Claudia Koontz and Wes Houser from Edgewood High School to the studio. The EHS seniors are part of the cast of the Edgewood Theater Arts production of “All Shook Up,” premiering April 5. The students have all the details about the event to share… plus you’ll get all your news, sports and weather for the weekend!

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2 Responses to “The Bloomington Review — 03.30.19”
  1. Sheila Carter says:

    Thanks so much, Jim for interviewing the students! You made them so comfortable and provided them a great life experience! We also extremely appreciate the opportunity to get the word out for the upcoming Edgewood Theatre Arts musical production, “All Shook Up”!

    All the Best,
    Sheila Carter

  2. Lukas Todd says:

    Good job you three! Sounds amazing, and thank you for doing this and putting the musical out. And thank you so much WGCL for letting them on the radio!! Can’t wait to do the musical everyone.

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