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Glass in the Morning — 05.16.18

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk makes her weekly Wednesday visit.


One Response to “Glass in the Morning — 05.16.18”
  1. Kathy abell says:

    If Marty is saying the error really wasn’t an error then that just means the RBB board is even more incompetent and deceptive than we thought. We were told in September 2017 there would be no tax increase if their new capital project plan was passed. They passed their plan and closed Stinesville school in phase one of that plan. They tell us now that the tax increase had nothing to do with the new projects but they didn’t even realize at the time what was going on with the budget and taxes. How are we supposed to trust this board and this superintendent with our future monies? I’m in Bean Blossom township. In 2018 I am paying 1400+ in taxes. Almost $1000 of that is for the school district alone!!! I believe in the schools but they get WAY too much of my money for me not to have a say and a VOTE about how these bonds are issued. Their spending is ou of control. When current bonds are satisfied, I

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