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Glass in the Morning — 07.06.17

MCCSC School Board member Sue Wanzer and Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen check in and pay tribute to Tim Mayer as he announced his retirement from the City Council.


2 Responses to “Glass in the Morning — 07.06.17”
  1. Ken says:

    Wee Willies did have a tall pole sign. When the city widened Walnut many years ago the sign was in the way. When the owner tried to restore the old sign, the city denied it because sign codes had changed since its original placement. If a sign comes down it loses grandfather status. Had to be a smaller, short sign or building sign that met code – an expense the owner refused to bear. I understand the owner voiced some colorful opinions of the city administration since it was not his idea to take it down in the first place and said something to the effect, “screw it, customers know where we are”. When I heard the story word of mouth, it made me a customer. Do miss the place. No pretense, they were what you saw – a building with no sign, a lot of cars parked at breakfast and lunch. Bless the down home diner.

  2. Glass says:

    Great info Ken!
    Thanks for listening!

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