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Glass in the Morning — 04.12.17

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk reviews last night’s County Council meeting and keeps an eye on our tax dollars.


2 Responses to “Glass in the Morning — 04.12.17”
  1. Brian Oliger says:

    Why are you asking Steve Kellems of BPD about the police response and how things went at the Charles Murray protest. BPD only had a couple officers assisting IUPD. IUPD was the head agency that tackled the police response to the protest. State Police also sent dozens of troopers from around the state to assist with the protest. Why not talk to Chief Flint or Capt. Stephenson of IUPD about the protest and police response.

  2. Glass says:

    Good Morning Brian
    Captain Kellams joins us every other Monday morning so it’s natural I would ask him this question.
    Having Laury or Andy on down the road is a good idea!
    Thanks for listening

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