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Glass in the Morning — 04.05.17

County Councilwoman Marty Hawk has a full plate this morning from Courthouse trees to a Convention Center expansion to a new library among others. 


2 Responses to “Glass in the Morning — 04.05.17”
  1. Valerie Merriam says:

    It’s too bad that you didn’t bother to educate yourself on how the library budget works and the various funds and how they’re used. Our budgets are discussed multiple times throughout the year. We are NOT receiving or asking for new funds. We are simply moving funds from one fund to another. By law the library must go to the Council to make this move. By moving funds to capital projects we have more directed toward a new branch that will reduce the amount of bonding needed in the future for building a new branch. Perhaps you should have the library director on the show. In the meantime, you have done our award winning library a disservice by inuendo.

  2. Marty Hawk says:


    Thank you for your concerns about the library budget and the new branch being discussed. There will be a presentation at the County Council this evening. I may assure you that I did indeed go over the budget revenues with the controller and we will, no doubt, be discussing it further at tonight’s meeting.

    At present we have many citizens concerned about the delivery of fire protection, law enforcement, and other services and how their budgets will be affected, due to the planned annexation by the city. This, of course, is something we all need to take into consideration, the same people who pay the library tax are also the ones who are concerned about the annexation.

    The library has said they wished this to be addressed in April or May. It is my hope that the council will postpone this vote until after the decision regarding the annexation has been made so that we may better understand how that will change dollars for the library, as well as other government units, but more importantly, how it will affect the library patrons, those that pay the taxes for our beautiful, award winning library.

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